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Can CBD Help With Hair Loss

can CBD help with hair loss

With a third of women experiencing some hair loss in their lives, the subject can have serious psychological as well a physical effects. Can CBD Help With Hair Loss – most certainly.

Trying to cover up hair loss on a daily basis can be a struggle and as you see it literally going down the plug hole it can be a very worrying time for many women.

Even from a cursory glance there are a plethora of treatments that purport to help with the condition – and as you can imagine the prices for these treatments varies wildly.

But an overlooked treatment that is reported to have significant benefits without the pricetag has been found in full spectrum CBD oil.

As well as benefits for pain relief and anxiety, CBD has positive benefits for preventing loss and promoting growth when it comes to hair.

What is CBD?

One of the first questions people normally ask is, What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from cannabis or hemp and lacks both the high and addictive elements of smoking cannabis. The chemical responsible for those effects is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD is vigorously screened to ensure that levels are kept to very low laboratory controlled levels.

CBD has been proven to help with a wide variety of conditions from anxiety to epilepsy, pain management to boosting the immune system.

There was a time when mentioning CBD had connotations of people smoking pot and being perhaps a less productive side of society. But nothing could be further from the truth. CBD is used by many everyday people to manage medical conditions and lead a normal life.

So How Can CBD Help With Hair Loss?

The most basic and sensible question anybody would ask – how does it work?

The answer comes in a couple of parts. Firstly CBD helps to prevent hair loss by addressing some of the underlying issues. Hair loss can be a somewhat self perpetuating cycle. The more you lose the more anxious you become and in turn your cortisol levels go through the roof – further accelerating hair loss.

So the first action of CBD is to reduce your anxiety and lower your stress levels. You’ll also see benefits for your sleeping patterns – experiencing much better rest. More restful sleep further aids hair recovery by promoting a more favourable environment in which its likely to grow back.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Another benefit to CBD skin and hair products in general, is their anti-inflammatory properties – soothing skin conditions and calming down reactions. By promoting healthier skin and scalp you’re in a much better position to grow stronger, healthier hair.

By breaking the cycle of inflammatory cytokines in your skin you’ve immediately taken away the stress and frustration of the physical symptoms.

With the relaxing effects of CBD also comes increased capillary blood flow to the scalp. With an improved blood flow – the food and nutrition for growing hair – you’re on the way to seeing improvements.

Shampoos, Foods and Drops

You might be thinking this is going to just be a “shampoo” only route – but there are many helpful forms from which CBD can be sourced.

A shampoo may well provide some of the anti-inflammatory benefits but oral drops or gummy drops might be a more convenient method for you. Oral sources can also provide for a much higher biological uptake, getting more of the active ingredients into your body.

There are of course some oils (not all are suitable) for application directly to the scalp – but take care to use a product specifically designed to be used in this way.

So Can CBD Help With Hair Loss?

With many tens of thousands already seeing the benefits the proof is clear to see and isn’t just anecdotal.

Take some time to research the products that might benefit your particular case. Then you’ll be in a better position to make that first step towards healthier hair but more importantly a happier life.

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