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Are vape pens bad?

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Asking are vape pens bad depends very much on what you consider bad to be.
If you’ve been smoking and you’ve switched to vape for health benefits then the answer would be no. You’re saving your lungs from a lot of the harmful tar, carcinogens and chemicals created during the combustion process.
The only common chemical compound found in both conventional cigarettes and vape would be the nicotine – but remember you can choose the level of nicotine you’re subjected to – or even use nicotine free vape liquids.

How vape works?

lady vaping

Many people ask how vape works and there are a couple of mechanisms.
Some products like Clearomisers produce a fine mist or vapour when you draw air through them. Electronic cigarettes produce a mist by heating a coil. The hot coil causes the liquid to “boil off” producing a cloud of vapour.

Its this cloud that you breath in or hold in your mouth.

Are vape batteries lithium?

Vape battery

If you were wondering are all vape batteries lithium then you’re not alone.
The short answer is almost all batteries are. Vaping requires a battery that is capable of supplying a high current to heat the vaporising coil. Lithium batteries fit this profile brilliantly and are robust enough to product very high currents for short periods of time a device is used.

SAFETY – Because lithium cells are capable of very high currents if short circuited you should never carry them unprotected. If you’re going to transport a spare battery always keep it in a plastic insulated battery holder. That way there is no chance of it coming into contact with metallic objects in a pocket or handbag etc.

Which vape to buy UK?

vape cloud e-liquid

Its a very open ended question and which vape to buy depends on your reasons for joining the hobby.

If you are transitioning from conventional smoking then you might like to choose a product that’s similar to the taste and smell of your traditional tobacco. That way you won’t feel like its too much of a jump too quickly.

One of the main reasons to choose vaping is because people are giving up smoking. In order to crack your addiction you can select vape e-liquids and products that have less nicotine in them and support you tapering off your nicotine intake. Eventually you can transition to 0% nicotine free e-liquids and juices that allow you to stay addiction free.

If you vape recreationally then you might be interested in the different flavours and smells of vape. There are some mouth watering flavours to choose from that taste like fruit, desserts, candy – there are basically no limits.

Will vape trigger fire alarm?

smoke alarm

We’ve had many people ask us will vape trigger fire alarms and the simple answer is yes.

Smoke detectors work in 2 main ways. One type contains an ionisation detector that is sensitive to flammable combustion type fires and works charged particles in the air. The other type are optical detectors and work by scattering a source, normally weakly radio active, inside the sensor. Smoke molecules disrupt the sensor and it goes off.

Optical devices are much more prone to being triggered as they would in a smouldering “smokey” fire situation.

Can vape juice expire?

vape expiry date

Like most things vape juice can expire eventually. Each bottle should be stamped with an expiration date.

That doesn’t mean that the contents will cause you any harm – but liquids may discolour over time and go darker and flavours may change slightly as they age.

As a guide e-liquid will keep for about 2 years in a cool dark place. Don’t ever leave it in sunlight as it will make it deteriorate a lot quicker.

It possible for liquid to separate but it can normally be shaken and remix just fine.

If you find your vape tastes peppery then that’s a sign that the nicotine has started to deteriorate. If you taste that or your vape liquid tastes otherwise different – or it won’t remix – its time to toss it out. Some things aren’t worth saving.

Where is my local vape store?

If you’re looking for a supplier of vape then you might well ask where is my local vape store?

A quick search online will quickly tell you of any shops in your area – but also may bring up some online alternatives.

Quite often you find shops don’t want to stock a large range of products in case they get stuck with them. Whereas an online store with higher demands and turnover could have a much better selection of items!

When vape says check atomiser?

check atomiser message

This is a common message that most people have encountered from time to time. When vape says check atomiser it normally means it cannot sense that a coil is in place.

The coil may be old and damaged or become loose. Most devices have removable coils that allow quick and simple swapping out. If its damaged then swapping out for a known good one is the fastest way to sort to diagnose and sort the problem.

Loose coils can simply be tightened up but remember to pop the battery out of your device before any maintenance work. You don’t want to accidentally cause a short circuit and fry it!

Similarly if you do need to replace the coil ensure its the exact one for your make and model of device. Installing an incorrect coil could damage or device and/or battery.

Why is vape bad?

is vaping bad

Why is vape bad is clearly a loaded question. Much the same as people ask why guns are bad – its all comes down to how you use them and how often.

Used responsibly and in an informed manner you can minimise any risks to yourself or others. Just as you wouldn’t wave a gun about in people’s faces, take a responsible approach to vaping and heed the guidelines associated with vaping.

Remember its your choice to vape but not other peoples – so don’t force it on them.

Is vaping near a baby ok?

vaping near babies

If you are a responsible adult you wouldn’t even take the risk of smoking near a child or baby.

Just as people used to smoke around children its now considered highly unwise. While there are vape liquids with zero nicotine content you still don’t want your children breathing in clouds of smoke.

So if you are at home or in the car, please vape responsibly and not in front of children.

Why is my vape spitting?

vape spitting

Spitting is caused by too much e-liquid coming into contact with the coil. But what causes this and why is my vape spitting in the first place.

Spitting normally occurs when you fill your device or its not been used for a while and liquid has accumulated on the coil.

The normal action of the coil is to superheat the liquid and produce a cloud of vapour. This normally happens instantaneously – liquid goes straight to a gas essentially.

If there is too much liquid for the coil to atomise it will just heat up the liquid until it boils – this causes it to spatter and spit.

The best quick fix is to either give the tank a flick to redistribute the liquid or remove the liquid from the centre post with some cotton wool or gauze.

Vape to stop smoking?

stop smoking start vaping

People do move to vape to stop smoking as its a much safer platform and e-liquids come in different strengths which helps withdrawal.

You can choose a vaping product close in flavour and smell to your conventional method of smoking then adjust down the nicotine as you adapt.

Once you’re nicotine free you can decide if you want to continue the hobby with nicotine free liquids are retire from it completely.

Can I get vape to my door?

vape to your door

There is a World of online and retails stores out there. So can I get vape to my door is the next logical step!

Save time, money and effort by purchasing online and just receiving it through the post.

Buying online normally gives you access to a wider range of products that not every shop wants to stock.

Vape vs Smoking?

weighing scales

Vape vs smoking is a simple matter of health choice. Clearly not smoking at all would be preferable but if you’re having trouble giving up because of nicotine addiction then vaping could be the alternative route you’ve been looking for.

Vaping contains less dangerous chemicals and none of the tar that coats your lungs.

It used to be the case that vaping was harder to get hold of – every shop you walk into stocks cigarettes. But with so many high street stores now providing vape as an alternative, there’s simply no excuse not to.

Vape vs ecig?

vape vs e-cigarette

A common question we get asked is what are the benefits vape vs ecig.

The e-cigarette was designed to look like a replacement “lookalike” to the conventional cigarette and some even have and LED in the end that glows red! E-cigarettes tend to have a lot less parts and less maintenance that vape devices. They have pre-filled cartridges that you just dispose of when they are finished. A simple rechargeable battery arrangement means you can just plug them in over night to keep them going.

Vape on the other hand opens the doors to much greater freedom and choice. You’re not limited to the flavours and smells provided by your given e-cigarette manufacturer – you can choose whatever you like and even mix your own.

The vape route gives you access to all sorts of concentrates, nic shots, salts and even CBD based vaping products.

With simple starter kits the options or there to either go the vape route or the e-cigarette route – whichever works best for you.

Vape and Juice?

vape and juice

Vape and juice is just a fancy way of talking about the liquids that you are going to vape. Calling them juices trips off the tongue a little easier and with so many fruit flavoured liquids out there juice has become as synonymous term.

Vape and Watts?

vape power watts

Vape and watts refers to the amount of power you vape device can deliver in order to produce vapour. The higher wattage a device is, the more smoke or vapour it can deliver in one hit.

Many modern devices have adjustment for wattage so you can choose the level of vapour that works best for you.

Adjusting your wattage makes a difference with some types of liquids – particularly if you mix your own – its nice to have a little adjustability on hand !

Vape or Smoke?

vape smoke

Ah vape or smoke is normally what people refer to by the VG or PG blend.

Vegetable glycerin is the liquid part of vape that produces the sweet tasting luscious clouds of vapour everybody loves.

The propylene glycol component is what give you that ‘throat hit’ associated with conventional smoking. If you’ve come from conventional smoking then 50/50 liquids are a good place to start. But if you still find you need more of a ‘throat hit’ then a 30/70 VG to PG mix might suit you better.

Does vape e-liquid expire?

Yes vape e-liquid does expire and its normally marked on the container. But this date is only valid if you’ve kept your vape in a dark cool place. Leaving it in the sun or in a hot dashboard will make it spoil a lot faster.

As it ages it can change colour, taste and aroma. If you leave it long enough it can even separate out into its constituent parts. So if someone asks you does vape e-liquid expire, you can tell them an emphatic yes!

Where can I get CBD handcream?

CBD hand cream

The properties of CBD handcream are awesome for your skin and we sell a lot of it. But where can I get CBD handcream right now? Look no further than our skin care section.

Its great for keeping the moisture in your skin – so the appearance improves immediately. Its great for alleviating acne, skin problems like psoriasis and eczema as well as minor abrasions.

With anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties its also great for calming down your skin during flare ups.

Why is CBD good for hair?

CBD Shampoo Anti-inflammatory

People have long asked the questions why is CBD good for hair and the answer is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD helps stimulate and enhance the growth of hair through the scalp’s absorption of the main fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. Natural hair growth is promoted by its GLA (gamma linoleic acid) .
CBD will help negate the effects of the cytokines causing the underlying inflammation. People that try CBD shampoo also find that because its a quality product it leaves their hair feeling great!

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