Commercial CCTV

We specialise in CCTV for commercial customers - offering a wide variety of high quality, rugged cameras and surveillance equipment. From domes cameras to PTZ's and AcuSense analytics.

Commercial equipment is geared for high reliability in tougher environments where conditions and requirements are more demanding. For example, a car park may need much longer IR illumination compared to a garden. A night club would require vandal proof domes while a residential installation may be flexible and turrets or standard domes would be acceptable.

The use of PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) in a commercial scenario can allow for more flexible viewing options and reduced the overall camera count.

Centralised viewing and control options are available for commercial installations with advanced motion and detection options.

Features like DarkFighter technology, allow you to see much more in low or "no light" environments with their in-built IR illumination.

AcuSense cuts down the number of false triggers by distinguishing between people and vehicles for example, over other moving object.

If you need more information or a quote just give us a call on 0800 567 7796

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