Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

There is no minimum order value to order from our website.

We accept All Major Debit and Credit cards or you can transfer directly to us – which does save us pennies!

Orders are dispatched promptly on receiving full payment.

We do not share you confidential data with any other 3rd parties and we don’t store any card details. We never come into contact with your card details.

Customers must be 18+ to use this website. You must agree that the items purchased are for your own use and will be used within the law and according to our Privacy Policy.

We will send you a copy of your invoice to the email address we have you registered at.

This website is the property of Complete Sales. You may not copy or duplicate any part of this website.

GDPR Compliance

As part of our normal business process we hold enough information about you to process your order and give after sales customer service.

This data includes your company (if applicable), name, address, telephone number, email address and any details you share with us regarding your specific needs or requirements (which we refer to as “Notes”).

Personal data such as web traffic logs and website access are kept for 3 months to guard against malicious website access and will include your IP address and access time. As per just about any other service you use on the internet!

We do not share any data with any third parties or sub-contractors as we have no need to do so.

No credit card or payment details are held by us. Cards are processed at point of sale and payments made by transfer are retained within the standard banking infrastructure. Payments made by other means eg. Paypal, will be covered by thier GDPR guidelines.

To prevent password “leaking”, any passwords you use on our site are salted and hashed (which means we don’t ever save your actual password, just a mathematical way to prove you entered the same password that you originally setup). This means if we ever had a data breach, your password could not be recovered and tried on other services. Imagine that!!

If you require a copy of your data or have a problem with what we hold, just drop us a message and we will contact you to make this available.

Under the new GDPR rules, you have the right to be informed, access, rectify, request erasure, restrict use of, object to, to opt out of data profiling and to have data portability. Basically you have the right to see your data, have it corrected if its wrong. If you don’t want us to hold it any more we can delete it (although you’d probably want to keep a copy for warranty purposes!). In addition if you don’t want your data used for any specific profiling purposes, you have that right also.

Lastly you have the right to data portability which covers sending your data to a third party by automated means. But we don’t send any data to third parties so this doesn’t apply.